Hendy Eastleigh April 2021 Update

Hendy Eastleigh 10k – In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic road map, the improving situation and in liaison with UK Athletics we are pleased to announce that we have rescheduled the event for Sunday 4 July at 9am. This date is two weeks after the Government’s target of 21 June when the country should be getting back to normal and four weeks after the return of parkrun. So there is now the opportunity for ten weeks of training ahead of the return of this popular event.

Unlike many races we already have everything in place including a full house of runners, medals and t-shirts etc and although we are reliant on the Government’s timetable being met, and of course there is always the potential for future issues to arise, as an outside event we are very hopeful that we will be one of the first events that can take place.

What happens now?

All of our 2020 participants including the transfers received after last years date are automatically transferred to a new date for the staging of the postponed Hendy Eastleigh 10k 2020. Your current race pack and number still applies – PLEASE KEEP YOUR NUMBER SAFE!! If you have mislaid your number we will make arrangements for new numbers – these will be issued on the day. The numbers for new runners who entered after last year’s event date will also be issued on the day.

Very sadly, Full on Sport (our entry platform) went into into administration. They have now been taken over and although we still have everyone details on the database, following administration, we do not have the ability to use any historical financial details previously held by Full On Sport which includes issuing of refunds. So we will be encouraging runners who cant run to transfer their number as we already have a significant waiting list of runners who want to participate.

Thanks to all our runners, our sponsors Hendy, our partners goPhysio and Up & Running together with Eastleigh Running Club and all the local community groups for their support and understanding during these exceptional times and we look forward to seeing you all in July. Stay fit, healthy and safe.

Best wishes